Regent | Amour-Propre




He could steal anything, except for her heart.

Un film de Jacques Haggarty et Nicolas Soldatovic
Starring Nicolas Soldatovic, Lucas Bizzarri

2019 | 7m



- Jacques Haggarty & Nicolas Soldatovic -

"For decades the irony has not been lost on countless film connoisseurs whom, when undertaking the earlier works of the French New Wave, have found the only known copies of Jacques Haggarty and Nicolas Soldatovic's 1956 film "Amour-Propre" to have been stolen from their place in the Cinémathèque Française.
That is until now... After more than sixty years since the film's release, it seems the thief had incurred an apparent change of heart when the prints were found back in their place in the archives one Sunday morning. Now fully restored and faithfully presented, the 1956 classic from Jacques Haggarty and Nicolas Soldatovic, "Amour-Propre" is available to stream now on the Regent Collection." - Seth Fogell, owner of the Regent Collection©

Directed by: Jacques Haggarty
Written by: Nicolas Soldatovic

Nicolas Soldatovic - The Thief
Lucas Bizzarri - Pablo

Released: 8th June 2019


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