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A Canted Angle

Harry Baslington is a professional photographer.

Directed by James Haggarty
Starring Nik Soldatovic, Oscar Whitla-Sigge

2018 | 25m

A Canted Angle

A Canted Angle

- James Haggarty -

Harry Baslington, professional stock photographer, recieves a visit from two retail workers with news that he has two weeks to repay his debts.

Written & Directed by: James Haggarty

Nik Soldatovic - Harry Baslington
Oscar Whitla-Sigge - Ryan Eddington
Jordan Burns & Noah Giddings - Camera Store Employees
Adam Bournazi - 'Image Monthly' Editor
Brodie De Nardis - Camera Store Boss

Released: 3rd September 2018


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